Numbing creams is opical anesthetics used to reduce pain in small areas including the skin, nose, and throat.
These products are available as gels, sprays, solutions, creams, and ointments.
Numbing cream is most commonly used to relieve pain caused by waxing, piercing, tattooing, tattoo removal, and laser hair removal.
should be applied at least 1 hour before a needle stick and longer before painful procedures.
The cream will begin to numb the site within 15 minutes after it is applied however it will take at least 60 minutes to provide pain relief.
The greatest pain relief is seen 2-3 hours after it has been applied.
Numbing cream is used for a variety of dermal applications such as needle injections,
tattooing, body piercing,laser tattoo removal, laser hair removal, body waxing, and other dermatological procedures.
Numbing cream works by blocking the pain signal sent by the nerve endings on the skin.

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