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dermal fillers

Is it True Dermal Fillers Contain Natural Ingredients?

One of the questions that women ask themselves when they notice their first wrinkle, is whether dermal fillers are better or worse for them? Is it Safe to Inject Hyaluronic Acid into My Skin? To answer this question, we first need to know more about dermal fillers. What’s inside them and where does it go once … Read More

derma roller

The Mesotherapist’s Guide to Derma Rollers

Want to try a new way to make your skin look new and young again? With more methods and tools rising onto the surface of the skin cosmetics horizon than ever, there’s an abundance of options available, besides dermal fillers, for flawless, younger, tighter looking skin. If your skin is showing signs of acne, wrinkles or … Read More

botox treatment

New Guidelines To Ensure Safer Botox Treatments

Each individual has an underlying and ethical right to make the lifestyle choices they want when it comes to cosmetic surgery, providing they are suitable for it. Whether it is to improve their flawless appearance to maintain their youthful looks or boost their self-esteem and confidence on a social perspective, but also for improved inner wellbeing. However, not everyone can afford Botox … Read More